Aah please help me solve a little problem with making a nerf gun

I'm also making a nerf gun but I ran in a bit of trouble trying to attach a pump jack (is that what it's called? or maybe a tire valve )


I need to attach a cap on the red circled end and in this cap there must be a mounted pump jack (the standard one like I would use with the pump below it), I tried to use a replacement tire one just make a hole and insert the jack with a round rubber end in the back but it would still leak and fall out.

I went through at least 2 caps and 3-4 rubber tire valves trying to get it to glue/ceil it but nothing works. So i somehow need a metal/solid pump valve that would be attached to the cap solid and ceiled. Is there a way to attach one to a flat PVC surface so it wouldn't move without much force but enough force to put the pump onto it, anything without worrying of breaking it off and make sure its air tight (some product I can maybe?)

Ok hope at least some of it makes sense, looking forward to any advice I've been stuck here for quite some time.

Thanks a lot Alex

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Kobl11 years ago
Whoah, hold on a wee ticky, is that black piece abs pipe? If so don't pressurize this unless you want to go to the hospital with a shard of plastic lodged in your neck. Also, would this carbon be being the carbon that is a resident member of nerf haven? -Butt
carbon Kobl11 years ago
Are you talking to me? Nerf Haven?
nerfer192 carbon10 years ago
yeah you are carbon of NH and you have a dr suess avatar
Well if can leave your pump attached then I got a nice solution for you. First you will the right sized plastic pipe that will fit into your pump. Next you'll need a thicker rubber pipe with the same inner diameter of your plastic pipe's out diameter. The rubber pipe must be a bit thicker than your pvc pipe and need only be bout 5 cm long. Now push the thinner pipe thru your thicker pipe and insert the thicker rubber pipe into your pvc pipe and if your sizes is correrct it should form a perfect seal. This trick has worked for me greatly. If you want to you can still put an endcap on.
sleepwalker0 (author) 11 years ago
Forgot to add that I had to grind the cap off because that valve just doesnt make it for a few reasons:

1 its hard to make a hole which is so accurate and it won't leak air
2 when i try to put the pump on it I have to push it on with a bit of force and it just pops back inside
3 Theres no real way to hold it in place because its rubber and moving when i take off/put on the pump the glue/cement its attached with just breaks

and overall it just doesnt look premanent, I have to fix it almost every use, pop it back in place, etc.

So i need a different suggestion

Also another guy at a forum suggested to use:


any idea what those are and where to get em in canada? Thanks

sleepwalker0 (author)  sleepwalker011 years ago
Yes I am away of that but I just wana finish it anyway so if anybody has suggestions on my problem, that be awesome
Kobl sleepwalker011 years ago
No abs can't hold pressure, so don't pressurize this cannon unless you want to die quite painfully. -Butt
sleepwalker0 (author) 11 years ago
mmm abs it is, is there a way to strengthen it? I did use transition cement. Either way im not planning to go to war with it, its just one of those fun building projects. And I drilled a wrong whole so i had to grind the cap off the inside but it was done well so when i attach a new cap it shouldnt leak, soo any suggestions to what kind of hole i should use and what valve to attach is good.
carbon11 years ago
Is that a scope? As long as you are doing that, why not add a laser pointer?

(have fun)
carbon11 years ago
Ahhh....PVC cannons, aka: When I was 14... How big a hole are you drilling into the cap? Can you tell me what size the tire valve is? I have no idea why a tire valve wouldn't hold. I think I used to drill a 3/8 inch hole, stick the tire valve as far through as I could from the inside of the cap, and then pull it through th rest of the way with a pair of pliers.
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