Aarrghghgh!!!!! Why does the universe hate me?!!?!?!?!?!?!??!?

I think the universe has something against me. On Sunday my computer's wireless card suddenly stopped working, and this was about a week after I fixed my touchscreen. So I took apart my laptop (again) and checked the connections and they were fine so I had no clue what it was. I tried connecting my computer to the server with a wire and for some reason my computer had a multiple server problem because my computer was not connected but others were. My dad did finally connect it but when he adjusted it a little, it disconnected and didn't re connect. Then, suddenly, on Tuesday after having my computer plugged into the server for a few hours, I unplugged it and moved it to my room and I noticed something, I was still connected to the internet, it was weird. So suddenly, for some reason, the wireless card came back on. Then on Thursday, my wireless card died again, so when I turned on my computer after school, it didn't connect to the internet. So now today, Friday, I plugged in my computer to the internet and it wouldn't work. At first I thought it was the multiple server problem again so I plugged in my computer directly to the server, and it didn't work. At this point I had to work hard to prevent myself from pulling my hair out in clumps because I was so frustrated. So after a while my dad came home and he couldn't connect to the internet either but it was because the plug I pulled out to connect my computer was the one that connected to his computer. So right after I pulled my plug out and put his in, literally a millisecond afterword, the yellow-green activity light started to light up and flash on the thing that accesses the internet. So I check with both of my mom and dad and both of their computers just got connection to the internet, one was a laptop, one was a desktop, this was the point at which I thought I did something to upset the universe. So now I am posting on the wire from my laptop. Any ideas on what is causing it, any? My computer is an hp tx1320 with vista home premium and please help me!!!! EDIT: it is fixed, sent it in to HP a long time ago, no need to bump this up so don't comment.

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1. Is your house haunted? 2. The answer is 42 (HHGTTG)
You mean H2G2.com
No, hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy the answer the the question of life is 42
No no, abbreviation of Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy is H2G2, go to h2g2.com, the official online hitchiker's guide...
I went there and thought it was just some weird site pretty amateurish looking for a official site
Well... it's still good!
hmm. I wouldn't look at that site and say "oh, hitchhikers guide to the galaxy!"
*shrugs* They should go mobile with it, make it a proper company...
PKM KentsOkay8 years ago
KentsOkay PKM8 years ago
Aye, but a phone service or app....
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