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Hello, I would appreciate if this account is not banned please in advanced. Now, I went to get into instructables the other day, and it gave me a error 500 or something similar and said my account was locked. Why is this? I didn't do anything wrong and I want to have it unlocked as I have pictures on there I need to retrieve, I'm very angry with whoever locked my account and the pictures better still be there.

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Punkguyta (author) 11 years ago
You know what Iove about this topic? NO ONE HAS ANSWERED ME! Why is everyone so inconsistant on here?
If no one has answered... where's the inconsistency :P In any case -- just give it time ;) It's only been two full business days since you posted ;) There's a reason for everything :)
Punkguyta (author)  trebuchet0311 years ago
Your theory fails, I got one reply from him and thats it, he explained why it was locked and that I know I hadn't used it in that way (i.e racism, cruelness). You lose this round?
First... you said no one answered you
Second... you just said the first thing was a lie
Third... You have to be kidding me -- you insulted a group of people that need prosthetics by saying:

"Another idea is just to be carefully when shoving limbs under a running lawnmower"

or this gem

"So posting on another instructable aka mine, doesn't make you a retard then?"

In any case... this isn't a competition.... Besides if anyone lost, Mr.Devious did ;)
Punkguyta (author)  trebuchet0311 years ago
Ha ha, you're just as bad. You left a lot out and it was careful not carefully in the first quote btw. Also, you happened to leave out the rest of the conversation from which that reply in the second quote came from. Stop where you are and just turn around, you can't get at me.
There's nothing to get at... there's no race... there's nothing to win.

I consider this issue closed.
I'm gonna go ahead and put my foot in my mouth. Putting limbs under a lawn mower is a VERY bad idea. Of course there are some stupid people that just do it anyways. Am I gonna get banned for that?
Punkguyta (author)  trebuchet0311 years ago
Sigh, people seem to reply to everything else fairly quickly, and it's been longer than that in this part of the world. I know that people could be looking into this more quickly. But you know what, I say fuck it because I don't want the other account back. It's too much of a hassle.
sam Punkguyta11 years ago
Try sending a private message or email to ewilhelm.
Punkguyta (author)  sam11 years ago
And he hasn't pmed me back.
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