Achiev'ibles - 21/12/2012

Here is a list of the patches that were earned by members of the Achiev'ibles group from 08/12/2012 to 21/12/2012.

List of members:
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I'd love to be added!
Can I be added to the list?
iceng1 year ago
This changeable link is fantastic !!!

"You can look up whatever dates you want by editing the URL"

I wish i could do such neat programming.

Thank you Jayefuu..

Jayefuu (author)  iceng1 year ago
You're welcome. I wrote it because I'm too lazy to post updates as forum topics :p
iceng2 years ago
Really used to enjoy seeing where my avatar views fit in the rest of the group :-)
Jayefuu (author)  iceng2 years ago
Something like this?
iceng Jayefuu1 year ago
Can you do it again ?
Jayefuu (author)  iceng1 year ago
I knew you'd ask that when I wrote that page, so I made it dynamic. You can look up whatever dates you want by editing the URL.

Like so:

Though for some reason it's running much slower than usual.

wow am I falling behind....
iceng Jayefuu1 year ago
Thanks that's going to work great :) !!!

iceng Jayefuu2 years ago
Perfect ... That's it !!

Have a great Xmas :-)

Hope you don't live in a mud slide area.
Jayefuu (author)  iceng2 years ago
I got lucky and drove down to my parent's house the day before all the rain. Rather glad I missed that, driving's no fun in those conditions.

"Have a great Xmas :-) " - and you A!
ericm1601 year ago
Hi I would very much liked to be added to this list
uersel1 year ago
Hi there! Would love to be added to your group!
Hi! Can I be added to the list too? :)
can i be added to the list. thanks. :)
Can I be added to the list?
:O My patch isn't showing up on my profile.....
Jayefuu (author)  Siddharth Jain2 years ago
Thanks for letting me know, I've resent it.
Cheers!!! Thanks! :D
pranjal122 years ago
Please add me to the list also
Jayefuu (author)  pranjal122 years ago
Thanks a lot for the favour.
BrittLiv2 years ago
Thanks a lot for the patch! There are none for contest wins? :-( I am so close to my tenths.
Contest patches are separate from the Achiev'ibles group, but staff does send out patches if you win a contest.
Yeah, I know that and I got them. I meant a special patch for winning in ten contests, but I think that getting the data might be difficult.
I'll be making more patches (perhaps after the holidays), but I don't think we'll be adding anything more for contests. Winners already get patches and prizes, and I don't think there are enough multiple winners to warrant gathering the data for additional patches (but its something to keep in mind).
Jayefuu (author)  canucksgirl2 years ago
Very few people win multiple contests. The aim of the group's to prove that automated patches encourage people to be active in the community, so effort goes into the things that will help most with least effort.

The next things we're working on are 1) automatic patches to people that get featured in the newsletter. This should be good as they'll then automatically be included in the normal daily count and get patches. 2) the website under so that people can look up their own stats, people can be added without me having to manually add them, others can help post the forum topics, which I often forget or am too lazy to do.

I've not felt psyched to get any of this done recently, been busy with climbing and my PhD and canucksgirl's busy with family and work. Anyone that can write PhP, MySQL, HTML, CSS or Perl is welcome to help out if they've got time spare. :D
whats this all about then?
Jayefuu (author)  liquidhandwash2 years ago
I have a database with the names of about 300 Instructables members in it. The stats of those members are automatically gathered each morning and when they go over certain milestones, they're awarded patches. Would you like to be added?
thanks that sounds like fun
Jayefuu (author)  liquidhandwash2 years ago
I've added you.
Hack42Moem2 years ago
Thanks! I'm loving my patch!