Achiev'ibles - 26/08/2012

Hi, here is a list of the patches that were awarded this week for our members.

Achiev'ibles is a community run achievment project. The stats of members of the group are automatically recorded every day and patches are awarded at key milestones. For a full list of the patches you can earn, see here.

Want to join Achiev'ibles? Leave a comment below and I'll add you.

By next week I hope to have a few pages available on my website so that you can check to see if your stats are being recorded. I also want to start awarding patches to authors who are included in one of the biweekly newsletters. I think it'd be good to add each of these authors to the list whose stats are scraped so that they are automatically in the group. Good or bad idea?


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sunshiine4 years ago
When are the subscribers patches sent? I think I might be receiving one! thanks for all your hard work!
mofoya5 years ago
Can I be added please? TIA!
Am I on the list???
If not, PLEASE do me add me... :D
When is there going to be a update on the total view count?
It does seem like a loooooong time since we last had an update.
It's now the second week of October & this one at the end of August was the last one we saw.
the next update will be quite large as there must have been a good number of these milestones achieved in the intervening six weeks.
There sure has . I thought i moved up quite a bit ...
Jayefuu (author)  coolbeansbaby685 years ago
Yes, I've handed out quite a lot of patches :D I'll do an update thread this weekend.
Having now been two months since the last update I'm beginning to miss the old total views count, I thought there was supposed to be a regular update or did I misunderstand "Once a week we post a summary of who's achieved what so that you can congratulate/encourage friends."
Jayefuu (author)  Nostalgic Guy5 years ago
There was meant to be. I was intending to write something to allow other people to post the results if I forgot. I've been very busy with my PhD and life and stuff. Sorry! The weather's worse now so I won't be out climbing so much :)
Thanks James!!
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