Amazon voucher give-away - WINNERS!

I won a prize by posting a comment on a tool blog.

The prize is a $10 Amazon voucher.

Unfortunately, I can't redeem it on, and it would be swallowed by postage if I ordered from the US.

So, I have a voucher to give away.

To win, have a look at this topic started by Acidbass, and then post a verse for an Instructables boom-de-yada song here, complete with links (see the verse I posted there).

Deadline: 4th December.

Judging - the "best" verse will be selected by the capricious whim of Acidbass and myself.

The winner will be announced in this topic, and receive the prize by PM.


In reverse order:

3rd goes to Wasagi

2nd goes to RedNeckEngineer

and 1st, with the prize voucher code, is....


Well done, that ibler!

2nd and 3rd get no cash prize, but Acidbass will include their verses in the video.

Keep posting good ideas, though!

I think the winner is Goodhart because he followed the rules made a catchy verse and had the guts to send me a recording of his verse that he made by himself to place in the movie. 2nd place is RedneckEngineer because he got creative with the verse. 3rd is Wasagi because he followed the instructions and did a very good job. The 2nd and 3rd place prizes are that their verses get to be in the movie :-)

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Goodhart7 years ago
How about 3 verses?

I love the people ,
I love discussions true
I love friendships
I love the admins too

I love things high
I love the smaller side
I love the help and
I love to see the rides

I love the simple
I love the complex too
I love construction
I love that things go boom
i like it a lot
How is this project going?
eh it was going fairly well until my laptop crapped out on me lol but once i can gain the funds to buy a new one i shall have the music video posted
Kiteman (author)  acidbass6 years ago
Excellent news - any idea when?
well I got a new job so maybe by the end of the summer or in mid fall (i get my first paycheck today so I will be able to give a better estimate this evening)
Ok, well I hope things go well in the direction soon for you.
thanks GH
Thanks :-)
Congrats Goodheart! I can't wait to see how this whole thing turns out! Thanks for the insperation Kiteman and acidbass.
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