Add "Favorites" stat for Instructables

Would it be possible to add to our stats, a way to see who, or how many times our instructables have been selected as favorites?

Thanks, canucskgirl

EDIT: Having a way to see how many times our instructables have been downloaded would be nice also!!! :)

Maybe this info could be added to our Instructables on the "Stats" tab just above the "referrers"??? :)

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Kiteman4 years ago
I *still* think is a good idea - it (along with the "I made it" idea mooted elsewhere) would definitely be an incentive to create good projects, even more so than the view count.
Moem Kiteman4 years ago
Mooted? I don't remember that happening...
Kiteman Moem4 years ago
"Moot" = proposed, put forward, suggested, especially at a gathering of folk.

It's Old English, still used in older parts of Britain (a town hall might be called a Moot Hall, a gathering of local scouts is called a Moot).
Moem Kiteman4 years ago
Oh! Thank you. I was thinking of the expression 'a moot point'.
eclipsed4 years ago
Great idea!
canucksgirl (author) 4 years ago
BUMP... :)
I think this is a great idea.

(I tried to add a comment to the top level posting, but it went nowhere. So I'm trying to add it here instead.)
I really like this idea - I wonder where the stats would go, though? Perhaps just something we can see on our profiles? Or maybe a little number next to the heart?
canucksgirl (author)  jessyratfink4 years ago
I was thinking under the "stats" tab on each of our ibles where we see "Total Views", "Today Views" etc. They could call them "Favorited" and "Downloaded" and just place them below "Rating". Since the box already grows from the expanding list of referrer websites, I doubt one or two additional lines would be a problem. There's also plenty of room on our profile pages under Instructables. The only stats shown now are "views", "rating" and "comments", so there is enough horizontal space to add additional stats (if they so choose). ;)
Kiteman4 years ago
Interesting idea.

effiesque4 years ago
I think that would be awesome, otherwise you don't know just how well received your instructables are... I've noticed a dearth of comments, so its hard to really tell... And just because someone viewed it, doesn't mean they enjoyed it..