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Add one of the funniest pics of dog pics that you have!

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ilpug5 years ago
I should post pictures of my dog in ski goggles...
lil larry (author)  ilpug5 years ago
Ha. My dog doesn't like it when I put glasses or stuff like that on her.
ilpug lil larry5 years ago
Mine was okay with it, surprisingly.
This is Roscoe. He likes being sassy in sunglasses and wearing Tyler's wolf shirt.

He weighs 100 pounds. :P
2012-04-05 17.32.43.jpg2012-03-25 23.00.13.jpg
lil larry (author)  jessyratfink5 years ago
sunshiine6 years ago
I had to share this because it was so dang funny! I am also sharing a picture of my son's dog in the winter at the cabin. He is a very spoiled pup! I am including a link to a hilarious video because if you have a dog you just might have a potential housekeeper,  if you have a good training knack!
Here is my son's dog!
waco nov 055.jpg
He has an electric blanket but you can't see it!
lil larry (author)  sunshiine5 years ago
liebre5 years ago
I love Dogs , and i want to share to Get more Dogs Pics
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