Addicted to Instructables Tech? Consider doing it full time at Amazon!

Hello instructables Addicts!

I manage a group of engineers at Amazon.  We're the team that gets to design, prototype, and build new devices and machines for Amazon's warehouses.

I'm looking for new people to join the team who are interested in joining us on our mission to build cool new technology.  We cover a lot of of diverse areas, from industrial image acquisition and vision systems to embedded device development, so be ready for a challenge!  If you love embedded systems design, aren't afraid of the soldering iron, and want to work with some incredibly bright people every day, check our our job posting!

All of the jobs are here in Seattle and are full time.  Read more about qualifications and apply directly by checking our our posting: https://us-amazon.icims.com/jobs/116465/job .  Alternatively, if the link doesn't work, go to amazon.com/jobs and search for 116465.

Have a great day!

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jongscx6 years ago
Give me 2 yrs to finish out my Mechatronics Engineering Degree...

Well you've had 6. Are you done yet??

Yup, finished in 2-1/2! Got sidelined and now working programming roller coasters.


I'm interested! However, I live right next to Amazon's Northern Virginia campus. Any possibility of a Mechanical Engineering job over here?
Kiteman6 years ago

Wrong continent!

yes, so am i...