Addicted to instructables?

Are any of you addicted to instructables? Symptoms include: ( you don't need all of them to be addicted ) Think about it all the time Can spend hours on it by clicking the related links Go on it at least 3 times a week Made at least 5 instructables

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NachoMahma9 years ago
. Two Robot t-shirts + a Kiteman t-shirt
. Robot poster
. Signed copy of "The Best Of Instructables" book
. 39 topics, 5339 comments
. My browser's startup page is
. Have a window open to Ibles almost 24/7. Hit refresh almost every time I pass by the computer.
I can haz robot poster?
sure gm had an ible bout it im just too lazy
Link please?
bleh, find it yourself
Im not in good mood + lazy

. A signed copy. I doubt if it is The signed copy.
. And I even have some prints by W'burg, but they aren't really Ibles-related.
Oh yeah.

Yeah, he told me about how you bought some..

Do you want to buy me a signed copy?
. Buy you a copy?!?! Sure ... when I get to visit HQ as you did. Buy me a ticket? Coach will be fine; I don't have to travel First class.
PS: Love your Thanksgiving-themed avatar.
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