Adding an instructable to the Deconstruction Group

Hi folks - The Rabbit Hole team here from the Deconstruction...

We uploaded an instructable for the Deconstruction group from the Rabbit Hole team - rather than do this a million times (and not see it in the group), is it awaiting moderator approval?

Hi guys, I cannot add our instructable to the Deconstruction Group, it has been published, but it seems it's not "eligible" to the group.
Tymkrs (author)  LaChapeliere1 year ago
I had to wait a little bit before it went into the group for me - maybe since this is a moderated group.
Kiteman1 year ago
You will probably have tripped a filter. Give HQ a chance to release it manually, and you'll be fine.
Tymkrs (author)  Kiteman1 year ago
Thanks! It seems to have worked now. Sorry for any spam the team might have gotten by my repetitive adding :p.
Tymkrs (author) 1 year ago is what we're trying to enter... - thanks again!