Adhesive/fill material needed

I need an adhesive or fill material with some special properties. It should be a moderately viscous liquid that sets up into something very flexible, jellylike would be ideal. It should be applicable in very small quantities. It should flow before curing and be self leveling unlike silicone adhesive. Tensile strength is relatively unimportant. It should not adhere to two part tin based casting silicone.

An analogy that comes to mind is E6000 adhesive but it's viscosity is a bit too low and it sets up way too hard. UV cured resin like Loon UV Knot Sense (great stuff that I learned about here) comes close and has the right viscosity also but also cures too hard.

If you know of anything, I've got a project on hold until I find something and would greatly appreciate advice.

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Toga_Dan3 years ago

there was a toy which allowed you to cast bugs, bats, etc in aluminum molds. iirc, the product was 1 part liquid which cured in a low temp oven to a flexible rubber.

dgateley (author)  Toga_Dan3 years ago

If you should recall what that is I'd love to know. I'm always on the lookout for cool materials. You just never know.

Come to think of it there should be a section here somewhere devoted to materials where people could alert us when they run across something useful.

It's called plastisol. It can be used for making DIY rubber worms

for fishing.

Have you tried thinning out silicone caulk with mineral spirits?

dgateley (author)  RavensCraft3 years ago

Many thanks. I will definitely get some of the plastisol and softeners/hardeners to play with and see what it's properties are. Does it adhere to anything or is it like silicone RTV?

Doncha love tackle shops? That's where I first learned of UV cured resin for fly tying. It's a mainstay in my materials collection now.

No, I didn't know you could thin silicone caulk with mineral spirits and will check that out too. I wouldn't even have expected them to mix.

I have never used plastisol , so I'm not sure of its properties.

I think the toy that Toga_Dan had in mind is called "Creepy Crawlers"

As for the the silicone, I once read on a tube of the clear silicon caulk that clean-up of the un-cured product could be accomplished with mineral spirits. I decided to experiment and thin some out and coat a piece of wood with it. It did dry and was rubbery . It was just a thin coat and peeled off the wood easily. To tell you the truth, I'm not sure if actually thinning silicone with mineral spirits will adversely affect it or not.

dgateley (author)  RavensCraft3 years ago

Do you happen to remember whether the mixture flowed and settled? In small quantities pure silicone caulk just sits there as the blob you dispense and cures in the same shape.

Kiteman3 years ago

How permanent does it n

dgateley (author)  Kiteman3 years ago

Pretty permanent. On another forum I received the suggestion of two part polyurethane. I happened to have some Tap Plastic's Polyurethane RTV System and tried it with total success. In the small quantity I needed it cured to be rubbery and plenty flexible yet with sufficient integrity. It's initial viscosity was a bit low for my application but by waiting approx. 45 minutes it assumed a working vicosity that was about perfect. By holding and rotating the part for another 10 minutes or so after applying it it was set enough that it would hold the shape I wanted through the remainder of the cure.

Cool, I hope you're going to publish an instructable of your mystery project?

dgateley (author)  Kiteman3 years ago
I really, really wish I could. It's for an instrument I've spent years developing and this is the final piece in the puzzle. Unfortunately for disclosure it's for gathering proprietary data that is the whole secret to an entertainment product I'm working on. I hope that doesn't put me in a bad light here.

FWIW, I'm not a company but an engineer too old to employ and too poor to be secure. :-)
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