Adjustable sights anyone?

is this the first knex adjustable sights?

Picture of Adjustable sights anyone?
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TheDunkis9 years ago
darn it you beat me to it...well actually my idea involved a...I'm not sure what it's called but it will use a scissors action to adjust the sight like on an AK. Then I'm planning on marking distances on it to know exactly how far it will reach at that level. Maybe someone should invent a sliding sight too? Well this looks good but not too practical.
The M16 is only the worst assault rifle in the world because of its sights and jam...y...ness...
I thought the whole peep hole sight system was the most accurate. For modern guns yeah the M16 jams quite a bit. XM8 FTW!
No, I would say either 3dot or blade. Every shot (almost) would require the adjusting of the peep sight.
Katarukito (author)  TheDunkis9 years ago
sliding sights?
just make like a post and then something to go around it that you raise. I guess you could say the most simple one could be made by making a verticle rod and then putting a connector on it through the hole with a tan lock under it to hold it at a certain level. Then you just slide it up and down. I would say it should be a little more complex than that though but that was just an example. It would be easier that a scissor sight but not quite as cool.
DJ Radio9 years ago
no, popomaster's glock has it better
ironman699 years ago
I made some flip up sights I have em on my M4
Katarukito (author)  ironman699 years ago
does it adjust side to side
How did you get the sight to refrain from flopping all over the place? I can't see the mechanism you have in there, and from this picture, it seems as if it would.
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