Ads with sound suck

just saying...
Especially when they start up by themselves.
Why would anyone want this?

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canida6 years ago
They sure do suck, and we shouldn't have any running on the site.

Can you get a screenshot of the ad? That will help us track them down and turn them off!
fuzvulf6 years ago
Agreed, haven't ran into one yet but it would blow trying to "secretly" take an instructables break at work wouldn't it.
Kiteman6 years ago
If you go pro, you won't see them.

Just saying...

Not true. Just had a US car ad fire up on me, while logged in as Pro.

I must just have been lucky all this time then...

(See Canida's top comment)
Re-instated my ad-blocker for Instructables now like Lira.
Goodhart6 years ago
I haven't seen / heard any since the Sears Tool ads of a year or so ago....thankfully (on this site I mean; elsewhere, they are a pain; especially when it bogs down my somewhat older computer...)
kelseymh6 years ago
Mute buttons don't suck, especially when you use them.

Just saying...
An ad that automatically starts playing audio is extremely obnoxious and be very disruptive in certain environments if you're not expecting it (work, late at night, etc). I as a web user highly, highly resent when companies do this and put the burden on me to mute all my audio rather than giving me the option to *start* the audio if I want it. And what if I'm doing something else on my computer that's outputting audio, so I don't want to mute it? I have to close the page/ad, and that's even more annoying.
Even more fun when you've just opened two dozen tabs, and ONE of them starts talking.
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