Advertise Your Yet To Be Released K'nex Guns

Post pictures of your not yet released k'nex guns here!

Picture of Advertise Your Yet To Be Released K'nex Guns
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Seleziona7 years ago
Ghost 2.0 will be released sometime....
Oblivitus (author) 9 years ago
Beast Pistol coming soon!
Beast Pistol Advertusement3.BMP
woah look at that post date!!!!
Oblivitus (author)  KnexFreek8 years ago
Yeah, I made the Beast Pistol about a year ago.
wow look at yur dates mine was today!
DJ Radio Furloy7 years ago
Which is why you shouldn't necro.
Hurry with the posting man! :)
Oblivitus (author)  Storm9508 years ago
The instructable is done and will be released when Trauts finishes building it and tells me about any problems. It should be out within 48 hours from now.
Oblivitus (author)  Storm9508 years ago
I'm going to release it to a single person willing to build it first, to work out the bugs, then release it to the public.
Definately m......oh, I just read the comment below! :(
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