Advertise your knex guns here!

Hello. Not alot of people viewing your knex guns? Well, Advertise or Promote them HERE! Just make a comment showing a picture of your gun, and a small description of, how far it shoots, does it have a mag, is it a RBG, and so on. So, if you have a KG, (knex gun) want to promote it, then put it here. Have fun, no foul language or harrassing other people, and make your knex guns POPULAR. Have fun, Techdeck30

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Lowney8 years ago
I posted a video of my brand new sniper!
Check it out:
Lowney8 years ago
My new sniper posting it soon! :D Here is a picture of the unfinished v1 (I will post the v2 straight off as it is much better!) bit rubbish compared to the v2 but has a few very innovative features. And by that I mean some stuff unique to this gun (kept in v2).
Dutchj9 years ago
Dutchj's Assault Rifle

This is my assault rifle. It was built for comfort, and it is indeed comfortable. It has a 15 round removable magazine, and good power. More precise specifications are in the 'ible.
my newest knex gun!
Picture 265.jpg
knex p90
flames103919 years ago
not a knex gun but a grenade:
F25 Anti-Personnel Grenade