Advice on a wood project

I am looking for some innovative ideas along the lines of the normal Mail sorter / holder / bill organizer. But I need to have it more efficient than a 3 slot wooden bin hung on the wall or sat on the table. All ideas will be considered....this is a home use project so I can get my financial life back in some kind of symmetry, or more organized at least. What we have now:

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Goodhart (author) 10 years ago
Thank you all for your suggestions...I am thinking about this carefully. I will have the "job" for a long time and may need to help my Mom with her finances soon too *sigh*
Sedgewick1710 years ago
What size would you like it to be, and what type of wood working do you like ex (colonial, Victorian, modern, or retro)?
Goodhart (author)  Sedgewick1710 years ago
Oh this need not be fancy in any way, functional mostly, and in my apt. it can not be as big as a car for instance, nor alter the walls with paint or nails any. Still I would like to keep a months worth of bills "available and organized.
Kiteman Goodhart10 years ago
... nor alter the walls with paint ...

Paint over the magnetic paint with the walls' original colour, they'll never know.

... until they try and pin things to the wall ... :-D
Goodhart (author)  Kiteman10 years ago
Do you mean something like this ? Magnetic Paint...

The Living room is out, and the hall way, both paneled.

It really is time to free up an area where I can get close to a wall...OR I could maybe use the side of my new computer armoire (like this but in veneer)
Kiteman Goodhart10 years ago
That's the stuff!
Goodhart (author)  Kiteman10 years ago
Maybe |I can do something with the inside of the Amoire :-)
I use one of these. Haven't had a late bill since the anthrax scare of 'ought one, dagnabit.
Goodhart (author)  Tool Using Animal10 years ago
I was kind of thinking of that with my conversation with Sedgewick, either upwards or on the side.
What? you expect me to RTFT? ;-)
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