Advice on making exterior more appealing.

I am in the process of renovating my house.  I have redone the porch with pvc balusters and columns but it still needs something and I don't know what it is.  Maybe the porch needs painted a different color or maybe shutters.  Im just not sure.  Anybody got any advice?

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canucksgirl5 years ago
Here's a link to version 3.

I'll reply to your PM with more info. :-)
Wilmette5 years ago
House is fine; needs better landscaping. Maybe a raised bed in front of the porch and a ground level bed in front of that.
vanweb5 years ago
Without moving the door (as that is a major change) what I would do is definatly add shutters beside the windows. I would paint the door a standout color like the red option suggested below BUT I would also add a "panel" or a "shutter" the same height as the door to its left to give the "appearance" that the door is more centered then it is. On this I would put a light, mailbox, street numbers etc. I would add plant boxes on the porch railing in front of where the windows are so that from the street they look like window boxes but give more color to the porch. Do these in a darker color as well. Lastly I would look for come decorative "gingerbread" moldings for the corners of your porch pillars ( to take away the squareness and add some decorative elements at the roofline.
vanweb vanweb5 years ago
here is my quick photoshop mockup... This is doable without any major renovations just some paint, moldings, shutters and a "fake" door panel attached to the wall.
vanweb vanweb5 years ago
Here it is with the Pillar moved... I also widened the steps as it would be dangerous to move the pillar without making the steps wider..
If you wanted a massive change, take the post over to towards the door on the left side - take advantage of the off centredness with a larger window or two the same size, more light in that room, better view etc.

A friend of mine have been trying to find time to yank out his large living room window and bring it out in to french doors on to the porch, meeting a pair of centred steps.

Both of us do building work together though so that changes the game a little.
canucksgirl5 years ago
Hey brian41527.

Here's the image you requested, and a link to the larger size.

canucksgirl5 years ago
To me, the problem is the off-centered door to the walkway and stairs, so if the door can't be relocated, then I would widen the porch entrance (by moving one post) and widening the stairs and pathway. Adding lighting to the left of the door, a mailbox and a potted plant will help balance things out; and painting the door will make it more inviting (a darker red would be nice). I wouldn't go with shutters (only because there isn't enough room between your door and the right window).

I photoshop'ed your house to illustrate how I think it would look.

You need furnishings, it's not inviting. So, yeah, shutters would be good, a glider on the left would be "inviting".
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