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okay i'm gonna do a couple of things i don't do often: 1)i posting a forum 2)the real point of this forum, i need advice. okay this is what i need advice about There is a girl at school whom i kinda like. i don't get often to talk to her. but i have her as a friend on facebook. only time i have hung out with her is at lunch our lunch table, which had a half a bazillion people at it sometimes. other times it was just a few of us and we never really talked then, a little but not much. advice please?

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flyingcheesearmy (author) 9 years ago
oh couple things i forgot, 1)no idea if she's seeing anyone, 2) she put her number in my yearbook last year
#2 sounds like a full fledged HINT to me LOL
flyingcheesearmy (author)  Goodhart9 years ago
well, i don't know if i was just oblivious to that hint at that time, or just not sure what to say...
Well, unless you find out that the number she put in your yearbook was someone else's, I would have taken that as a hint (not that I could have done anything about it when I was in school; had it been me....I was way too shy....I don't have any female signatures in my yearbook, unless you count a teacher or two :-) .
Just out of question did you get sorted yet or figure out anything useful from this so far...
yeah, i learned that a direct approach is probably my best bet...
So you've had more than two weeks to figure that out and ponder it.

Now, have you actually *done* something about it yet? ;-)

If you're telling yourself you're just "waiting for the right opportunity", that does not qualify as the direct approach. In fact, that's pretty much the opposite of the direct approach!

Here's your homework for this week:

1) Check out her facebook page, and find something that *you* find interesting (and I don't just mean her pretty face).

2) Next time you see her at lunch, tell her "Hey, I noticed on your Facebook page that you're into XYZ - me too!".
flyingcheesearmy (author)  Patrik9 years ago
well first of all she doesn't have much on her facebook, and second it seems like it has been updated in quite some time.
and something else, i have her number (which she put in my yearbook), but i have not really know what to call up and talk about, or how her boyfriend would respond. and i probably also need some sort of confidence boost before i do.
lol This gave me a laugh this morning, i'm meeting my ex for coffee *gulps fearfully* which is bad because if i go i get a coffee cup busted over my head and if i don't i get my windows busted then my head... then all the other girls things came out of the woodwork, I'm meeting three girls at different times and all of them there's nothing definite, so today is a long one, eg you damn well better have asked her out, even if you got shot down you better have tried by the end of today, because that's the victory for today my friend, it's over fear (not unjust timing...)
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