Aerosol Flamethrower

I've searched almost all words associated with "Aerosol flamethrower" on instructables, yet I see nothing of the sort. Where I come from in England, they're very common, has anyone else ever made one and would the subject be to easy to make a whole instructable out of it. (even if other ways of using them were included?)

I've established it IS a bad idea, but also just to clarify:
~Spray~ can flamethrowers will NOT randomly blow up unless (to my knowledge)
You hold it the flame so it burn the nozzle.
You pierce the valve.
You douse it in <flammable liquid> and light or chuck it in a fire.

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ll.1310 years ago
Well, seriously there's nothing to it. to start off you might like to light a candle and then spray your WD40 in the direction of the candle, and then use a lighter for portability. Generally it only makes a little ball of flame around 8-14 inches depending on aerosol, Hair spray, Deodorant, Lubricant-WD40 all work pretty well. About flames going to the can, after "throwing" the flame just make sure it's properly out, maybe by blowing at the nozzle.
whatsisface ll.1310 years ago
I'd say that the flame can't go inside the can as there is no oxygen within them to allow the fuel to combust. Anyone got any ideas on this?
thing is.. the chemical in aerosols doesnt need oxygen to burn.,. therefor.. an easy BOOM
What's most likely to happen is the heat of the flame melts off the spray-nozzle, releasing the contents in one big pressurised whoosh, which is probably as near to an actual explosion as most people would honestly want to be.
That is certainly possible if the nozzle is held down mechanically. That reminds me of one time I had a blow torch go up in my hands. The cylinder wasn't seated properly against the torch and the leaking gas eventually reached the lit burner. WOOF! a ball of flame engulfed the torch and my hand! I dropped it like a ... well like a flame engulfed blow torch. My hand was pretty warm and there was the fragrant smell of burnt hair but luckily I didn't get burned. When you have had your fair share of lucky escapes (and I certainly have) you realise it's a bit foolhardy tempting providence further by playing with the obviously dangerous e.g., aerosol flamethrowers. Pat Pending
Nope you don't you say you do but you don't, we as people never learn, ever I've had more close escapes than that one pigeon who dares to dance with the tyres of big rigs but never have I learnt anything other than how to be better at narrowly escaping...
CogitoErgoSum (author)  Patrick Pending10 years ago should see some of the burns i've had, except they were mostly from failed cannons n' stuff. Well, I should say used to - I rarely play around with fire nowdays. It's all fun and games until you get burned.
CogitoErgoSum (author)  Kiteman10 years ago
Kiteman: That's one of the favored things to do with an spray can where I come from :p Pierce it with a skewer (the spray nozzle), then laugh at the tit who just got maced . Obviously, the spray isn't lit whilst you're piercing it...
Haha Sam! I remember that!
Hmm.. seems possible, but does it really count as the flame "going inside" of the can?
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