Agnostics, Atheists, Skeptics: Help us Christians out!

Ok non-believers, Here's your chance! I am genuinely interested in what BEHAVIORS among Christians truly offend or irritate you. I'm not really interested in biblical inspiration, theology, and belief systems here. "Free-will/Predestination", "Creation/Evolution", and "biblical inspiration/made-up-stories" have been done to death, and I don't really want to discuss those issues in this topic. I mostly want to know what attitudes and actions on the part of Christians, really rub you the wrong way. I will not argue: Biblical accuracy, the existence (or not) of God, or church history here. I also won't dispute your individual experiences with "church people". To be honest, I just want to know how to be a better person. So keep the comments: nice, to the point, and constructive. I will give all genuine criticisms a fair shake.

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kelseymh8 years ago
Guitar Guy, I think you'd be more accurate (hopefully!) to say "that's not how I am, and that's not how I try to be.".

Unfortunately, what "drimportracing" described is a fair description of many (not all!) of the so-called "Christians" that I too have encountered. No one person meets all of those descriptions, of course, but collectively it's not far off.

Like all stereotypes, the description is not universal. All of the Christians I know whom I respect and admire (including more than one I've met through I'bles) do not match that description. But many, especially the more publicly vociferous ones, do :-(
skunkbait (author)  kelseymh8 years ago
Guitar Guys statement is pretty broad. I think your rewording is pretty good. I have to confess that "drimports" description applies to many Christians. On the other hand, every group has their sefl-righteous, narrowminded, and uncaring wackos. So, as for me, I try not to be "that way". Very specifically, Christians are called to be "in the world, but not of the world". If a sincere Christian is out of line, I have no problem (ok, it's a little uncomfortable) telling him/her so. But when it comes to people of other faiths/non-faiths, I can not apply Judaeo/Christian principles and scriptures, at least in a judgemental sense, to their lives (unless they invite me to do so). If I want to "convert" or "win" them to christianity, I'll do so by setting a good example, and speaking only to those who are interested, about my faith.
Yes sorry about my statement i deleted it it was wrong but if you read the comment i replied to kelseymh with thats what i kind of meant
skunkbait (author)  Matt214978 years ago
That's fine. I knew what you meant. But in these types of discussions, you have to be VERY clear. I guess my original question was a bit broad too. It's not fair to lump all Christians (or any other group) into just one category. Thanks for your input!
Hear, hear! And (obviously), you are one of those to whom I was referring in my last paragraph.
Oh sorry about that i meant to get rid of that i dont know why i said it but what i want to say is that those things some of theese people said about christians being bad and all that stuff they are true but what that person didnt say is that all people do those things ( by that i mean types ) I just got to say that we know that we do/did those things but so has the rest of the world wich doesnt justify us by saying so but do you understand what i mean?
lemonie8 years ago
Since Gorfram has been so kind to bump this:
Thinking that a few people with instruments and good intentions can form a 'band' worth listening to, not always the case. I don't want to hear "we've got a bass-guitar" another time...

skunkbait (author)  lemonie8 years ago
Haha! I'll have to agree. The concept of "entertain 'em, then hook 'em" has always offended me.
And, while "God gave rock and roll to us", metal belongs to Satan - don't go there please.

skunkbait (author)  lemonie8 years ago
I don't think metal belongs to Satan. Boy Bands, Hip Hop, and Pop-Country?- That's a different story.
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