Ahh! Its the Instructapocalypse!

I went to check my emails, and what do I see!? 666 Unread emails from the robot!!
Ahh! The Instructables server will crash! Ahh! Its the Instructapocalypse!

(That isn't all at once, I barely read them)

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Kiteman8 years ago
The four modern Horsemen:

Politics, Religion, Wilful Ignorance and The Man Who Invented The Disposable Razor.
Hehe, thats REALLY funny, permission to quote?
Feel free. It wasn't meant to be pure comedy, though - the disposable razor blade, invented by Gillette, was the first object ever designed to be thrown away after limited use. It is my opinion that a class action ought to be brought against Gillette for directly inspiring the modern throw-away culture that has contributed so much to pollution, resource-depletion and global warming.
Let me load up there blades before you sue them, the fusion razor is awesome...
Hell yeah, smooth as anything :-D
Yup, the absolute most kissable mouth possible..
It certainly beats the ole original "safety" razor LOL That device has been responsible for more blood letting the an 18th century doctor LOL
Hmm, I wonder which of those is the one to come with an "arm mighty to save||" ;-)
its a lion8 years ago
so are we watching out for robots or horsemen?

and speaking of the four horsemen... read the table in wikipedia... i think someone wanted to have some fun with it.

i should probably add that its kind of crude, and ummm parents may not want their children reading it.
Somebody must have edited the article since yesterday - it reads fairly normally now.
yeah its been fixed since then.
Kiteman Kiteman8 years ago
Checks history - yes, it has been edited twice. Checks past versions... Yikes! Definitely not "family reading"!
Danny Kiteman8 years ago
oh my all that stuff 'bout sex and vibrators, is that a joke or what?
xD That made me laugh. Don't read it kiddies.
zachninme (author)  its a lion8 years ago
Ha! I litterally just wrote a paper on them for Western Civ. on Tuesday!
I explained how they all showed up during the High Middle Ages.
(We didn't learn about them at all, in school, but its a nice annoyingly clever way of making us talk about almost everything we learned about the HMA's)

The irony is, after the HMA's, there was the Renaissance, the opposite of an apocalypse!
zachninme (author)  zachninme8 years ago
(They told us that they were Famine, Death, War, and Disease, which is slightly different than wik's interpretation)
NachoMahma8 years ago
. ROFLMAO! The End is near!
Ah, it is always near.....something almost never acknowledge by most.....I could die tomorrow (the ole beer truck as I cross the street thing, you know|?).
Oh dear....