Air Conditioner Condensate

I've been thinking recently about ways to reuse the condensed water vapor that comes out of my air conditioner condenser. I've currently got a bucket set up under the spot where the condensate drips out just to see how much water is actually wasted. With the summer heat, I've got the AC going almost all day, and it comes out to about 1 gallon a day. What I'd ultimately like to do is have a storage tank for this water that I can use to water the lawn, wash the car, etc. The problem, though, is that the water outlet is very low to the ground, so only a small bucket will fit directly underneath (meaning it overflows by the end of the day). I'd like to have some sort of hose direct the fluid into a much larger container, and I'd like to do it without electricity. I can't think of a way to move the water without using some kind of pump, though. Any ideas?

bazalaz6 years ago
collect water in a black bucket. evap water to desired location. if it's not hot enough to evap use reflectors or a parabolic dish/ reflector.
You could dig a small pit beneath the condensate outlet and bury, say a 10 gallon tank with an open top to fill up buckets, watering cans e.t.c
forgesmith9 years ago
Collect the water in an oil change pan like this one, available at Wal-Mart etc. They're very low and can hold more than a gallon. Then put the lid back on the side, lift up, and manually pour out thru the smaller opening into larger container. Since the listed capacity is 10 quarts, you'd only be doing it every other day.

If you can't get it close enough or it's not low enough to fit, get a plastic funnel, some hose, a shovel, and silicone (assorted types should work). Use silicone to attach funnel to A/C unit to catch condensate, attach hose to funnel. Then dig. Make a low place to set the pan in, place hose in pan.

Of course, at that point you might as well dig a little deeper and use a regular container, like a gallon milk jug. Make room for two or more, just move the hose around as they fill up.
Kiteman9 years ago
Some sort of bulb pump on the floor? If your AC is in a pedestrian traffic-zone (say, near a door, or where people walk to pick up the remote), all you need to do is step on the bulb occasionally as you walk past.

If your indoor floor-level is above your out-door ground-level, you could drill a hole through the wall, and use 3/4 inch overflow-pipe to take the condensate to a barrel. That way, the water will be outside as soon as possible. If there are only a few inches height available, maybe make the pipe empty directly into a watering can?