Air (dust) cleaner

Hi, I was thinking about how annoying dust can be, you can clean your room today and after 2 days it's the same: dust on table, dust on books... So, I decided to make a simple device that will take dust and seperate it from air, so you don't have to clean dust from your room so often. I need help with this project, how to start, what to use and much more, everyone is welcome to give advice or share idea. Sorry for bad english :D

Yonatan242 months ago

An ionizer isn't what you're looking for, but if you put it over an air filter, It will improve the dust collection.


Kiteman2 months ago

Start by having a look at other folks' projects, see if they help with ideas:




AdvanŽ (author)  Kiteman2 months ago
There are some great projects and examples. Thank You!!
Kiteman AdvanŽ2 months ago

You're welcome - don't forget to take plenty of photos and notes as you work, and you can write your own instructable.