Air soft or BB gun help

can someone please help me to make a easy, good ranged and reliable airsoft gun or bb gun with detailed trigger layout the bb and airsoft guns on instructables are great but i would like a gun with a higher range THANKS EVERYONE and please help

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Rdav-7 years ago
Have a look at this site, you could possibly edit the gun to fire BBS by taking out the need for the cartridges and making the gun bolt push the BBS directly into the barrel, a bit like one of the cheap bb guns you can buy but more powerful, I am planning to make one for myself and edit it so it fires paintballs:

you should really check it out if you want to build decent home-made bb gun that does not rely on compressed air.
Indeedly8 years ago
just go out and by one, it will be cheaper than making one
DurkaDurka9 years ago
Hey I have a quick question for anyone who is an expert in bb guns, I bought a BB gun (co2 pistol) at a gun show, it didn't come in a box or anything, just teh gun, do you think you could could help me find the maker? thanks PM me with any input.
Usually the makers name is stamped on the gun barrel.But sometimes its stamped on the handle,ect.
REDNEK7779 years ago
buy one at wallmart thay are cheap but thay are peices of crap
gotja10 years ago
i have a bunch of ideas and i could probibly make some but to lazy

one thing y dont u just buy one
or if ur planing to make one thats realy realy realy good go to this site for instructions/how airguns work
lukeRAMBO (author) 10 years ago
that would be sweet email me once made knexer 1
knexer110 years ago
I'll make an instructable to show you. The gun that I'll post should only cost about fifteen to twenty dollars (probably even less).
seedofanarchy10 years ago
get one of those $20 red ryder BB guns, it holds about 300 BBs and the fps is at least 300+.
jtobako10 years ago
find a 'Y' shaped branch and a big rubber band... (great trigger control, but the accuracy sucks for a while) or take $20 down to wally world and pick up one. then, reverse engeneer-and realize how many tools you need to fit what you want. or give a realistic aprasial of your mechanical abilities and what you have avalible for tools and supplys. or use google. lots of sites on pneumatic gun design-but you have to look for them. the more you know, the faster it goes. once you look over 2-3 forums that specificaly cover your question, you will have a better idea of what you can, can't and aren't willing to do. (i've looked, found, and aren't willing to do.)
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