Airsoft Knife? PLZ REED KTHX

When you have an airsoft war, do you use knives? I don't mean real knives, of course, I mean something that you could use to simulate a silent melee attack.

'Cause I have an idea. What if you made a thingy, that when you push it against an object (an enemy, in this case) it would let loose an airsoft BB, "killing" the target, like a knife? Huh, huh? Good idea, right?

Also, check out my new slideshow.

Airsoft Gun Silencer

Also also, when/if you play airsoft, what exactly counts as a kill? One shot, anywhere? And do you know you've died when you get hit (when you feel the sting)? Do you use the honor system?

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i made one out of a flip flop that i saw from an instructable and sometimes i carry it around durning airsoft wars but i haven't used it in a knife battle when i could sneak up on someone and stab them
Neovenetar7 years ago
some, people use fake knives in airsoft, but they dont even have to shoot a bb, in some skirmishes if your within 5ft of a person you can count it as a knife kill and get them out.
zascecs7 years ago
So... you're thinking of a bayonet on a pistol...?
Aeshir (author)  zascecs7 years ago
No. Not a bayonet at all.
zascecs Aeshir7 years ago
lol, just thinking, cause that would be kind of weird... you're thinking of "Call of Duty" style? I dunno, everyone does things their own way; it's really your choice...
Aeshir (author)  zascecs7 years ago
I was thinking like an airsoft contraption that shoots a BB out of the tip of a fake knife or something. I was just wondering if they exist, I don't actually have a use for it, or go to airsoft wars or anything.
zascecs Aeshir7 years ago
Well, mabe not BB's, but something thin that would fit in a knife. You should try a couple things out; maybe even make an instructable...
they actually make rubber knifes to use in an airsoft game. look around at some sites, u should find one pretty easy.
gmjhowe9 years ago
I agree with AA, some kinda of marking system like a knife that expells a small amount of paint, or something, then people would know when they have been hit.
use airsoft paintballs, then you know when your hit
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