Airsoft Megastore not safe?

When I open Airsoft megastore.com on google chrome, put something into my cart, then hit checkout, Chrome says the site is not safe to input valuable or personal information to. This got me thinking as to why it wouldnt be safe. No security protection against hackers? Or has it been hacked and if I input my credit card info will they be able to steal my info? I just dont want anyone getting ahold of my credit card info and buying stuff... Is ASM a trustworthy site, and Chrome just has a glitch or something that is causing the site to be deemed 'unsafe'? Or is it all a scam?

This dillema has stopped me from buying a gun during their black Friday Doorbuster Deals, which was a great deal. Oh well better safe than sorry I guess.


lemonie5 years ago
Google Chrome is just telling you that it isn't able to regard the site as being safe.
That's an opinion, you've got your own.

chopstx (author)  lemonie5 years ago
Alright, Thank you very much. :)