Airsoft Mortar

My homemade marble cannon the MC-200 has, and can be repurposed to fire hundreds of airsoft bb's at once. It is too dangerous (not to mention hefty... It's 6 feet long!) to fire directly at people, so it makes a good mortar. I only ended up paying $20 for it is the best part too.

Picture of Airsoft Mortar
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Dr meat201 (author) 9 years ago
V2.0 is coming soon. An instructible might be coming, but since the cannon is already done, pics will be scarce. However, if you are interested, i could make one.
Pumpkin$9 years ago
IBLE' plz? plz?
receiver5459 years ago
dude its too big make a 1 ft tank so hold the air with 3 in PVC then have a ball valve that is the size of you barrel and just get fitting to fit to the size of a barrel.... hold on I bet you thinking WTF, well i give you a pic of my paintball mortar!

in the pic i forgot to connect the barrel and the scharuder valve.'
Photo 17.jpg
i would also like to see an instructable.
megapun139 years ago
make an instructable.for marbles and bbs.