Airsoft! *Updated pictures*

I just wanted to share a bit of my Airsoft Guns, Including a ARES TAR 21 (NOT S&T). And a KWC full auto Co2 blowback desert eagle. I love them both and these are the two guns that I'd never sell out of the collection.

The TAR runs off a 9.6 volt and a 8.4 volt battery. I also have three 180RND mid caps and the 300RND high cap that it came with. (I only run the mid cap magazines in this gun). It has a full metal gearbox, gears, bushings, barrel, (Inner and out). Ive also installed a EOtech 552 sight up top. Its also flat dark earth. It shoots 380 FPS using .20gram BBS. I only run G&G .20 gram BBS in it. It gets lubed and cleaned after every use of 1000 rounds through it (not during battles though). It also has full trade marks of the real TAR 21 on its side. It gets stored along its accessories in its Elite Force gun bag.

The Desert Eagle runs off Co2 stored in its magazine, along with the BBS. It holds 21 BBS and can spray them all in less than a second. It kicks back tremendously and its also full metal internals and externals. The magazine is also metal. It can shoot 386FPS using .20 gram BBS. I only run .20 gram G&G BBS through it. Once again it gets cleaned after every use, lubed and polished. It also has trademarks on the handle and on both sides of the slide. It also gets stored in a very nice gun bag.

I also have a broken M4S-system. Which broke during battle. The lower broke off from the upper. Pieces were lost. It was a A&K M4S-system, which I actually want the D-boys one now... The gun is hidden under my bed... :(

On a side note I also have a large UTG camo bag that holds my elite force goggles, extra goggles, gear, vest, pants, shirt, neck guard. ETC. My BBS, parts, Alan wrenches, hop up tools ETC. It also has my name on it.

So tell me what you think and also tell me what your guns are and how you treat them!!! :D

any recommendation on a blowback pistol?
Johnhall143 years ago
Nice, I have an upgraded utg mk96/l96/shadow ops that is shooting around 550 fps, has a 3-9x40 scope and a few nice mods and a utg tri shot as side arm =D For your TAR-21 I would recommend using .23 or .25 bbs for more accuracy and effective range, same goes for the deagle. As of to the topic of putting upgrades in, the 6.03mm barrel tends to be the more used by pro airsofters because it doesn't jam as easy and is in theory more accurate. One question, how good is the deagle? Also airsoftretreat.com has good info on everything.
I have 5 airsoft guns myself. Four springers and a GBB pistol. Barely do anything with them though, they just hang on my wall, or stand on a shelf.
They are a cheap, full plastic MP40 (my first one, also definatly the worse), pretty cheap Umarex 90two (has all the markings and stuff), an M14 socom, some kind of shotgun, not sure which model (I put a cheap red dot sight on the back sight of it) and a GBB M93 raffica
TheDunkis3 years ago
Sadly, I never had the money to fund my airsoft hobby. But now I have a job. I only have a Well MP7 as far as decent guns go. That was back when I was obsessed with the MP7 as a weapon. I really want a Magpul PTS PDR. They run from $320-380 without the battery, so I'll have to wait a while. However, it looks like a very promising, versatile weapon once I start doing battles.

I like the TAR and considered one myself. Even though airsoft magazines are obviously meant to be reused. I don't like the design of needing to "strip" the magazine before inserting a new one. And everyone loves Desert Eagles. I feel like it's a bit excessive as a serious airsoft weapon, but of course I know people mostly use them just for fun. I'm still trying to figure out what airsoft pistol is the best.