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I have a Super 9 bolt action sniper rifle. Problem is, the guns that I use now have higher FPS then the sniper rifle, which means that a pistol would shoot farther then it. I would love to know of a way to ramp up the FPS in the sniper so that it won't be out gunned by a pistol.

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airsoft10177 years ago
Get a better seal nozzle +10-30 fps and a tighter barrel +10-20 fps Also get a better spring +100-250 Fps Problem with getting a new spring is that youll probobly have to upgrade some internal parts to wistand the pressure
gotja10 years ago
o ok da.. im so mad right now my sister broke 2 of my airsoft guns cuz she got pissed off at me and threw my airsoft guns on the ground (my mp5 and my pistol) ...
Matt21497 gotja8 years ago
That would stink once my dad was putting a way one of my pistols and he dropped itand it broke it was just a crossman p30 but i stilwas pretty madd ( till i found a way to turn the broken bits into a 'nade launcher
Spl1nt3rC3ll (author) 10 years ago
Also, How do I change the hop up on the sniper? It's getting REALLY annoying and throws off the accuracy. Sometimes I shoot it and the BB flys straight up into the air about two feet from the barrel.
there should be a nob somewhere... on a super 9 i think the whole trigger assembly comes out from the top, and its somewhere in there... but check the manual for how to remove the trigger mech or even it the hop up adjuster is there...or if it even has one ><
well you can slip a washer behind the spring its a common trick, it will of course increase ware on the gun, and I haven't seen it done on a super 9, I don't have one neither do any of my friends. as far as the inconsistent hop up problems are you using heavy weight ammo? don't use the cheepo walmart ammo its not worth it in anything but crappy guns.
Just because the pisol shoots harder dosent mean that your Sniper rifle isnt any good. The pistol may shoot harder but the sniper rifle is more accurate. (i have both myself) I use that gun in combat all the time and it rocks!
Aeshir10 years ago
That's not an airsoft gun, an airsoft gun uses "airsoft pellets" which are just little round BBs, usually plastic.
Spl1nt3rC3ll (author)  Aeshir10 years ago
This IS an airsoft gun. The bb's go in the shell. the shell is for show.
Oh lol.
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