Airsoft gun modifications

Ya is it possible to covert a crappy spring airsoft gun into a good CO2 powered airsoft gun and if there is how thanks

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melandpaul6 years ago
yes it is posible to do this but you have to find a springer that you can strip down like a real weapon or close as
the easy way to do this would be to get parts from a good airsoft site off hand you need
gas valve
the simpler option would be to buy the parts from the frame through to the small spring that goes twang
my gun buddy built his own race gun as a simple project
£500 later its a weapon of wow for the competions he enters
3rd in northern ireland airsoft pistol match
666kings6 years ago
All u need to do is take a co2 pistol. Take it apart remove the barrel make the holy bigger so u can put a airsoft barrel in it. Thin make the holy whair the bb's feed in to the gun from the clip big enough for the airsoft bb,s to fit. And the last thang u need to do is make the spot whair the bb's come out and go in of the mag big enough to fit airsoft bb's. And know u have co2 powered airsoft pistol.

Have fun and enjoy

P.S.I mite do a instructable for this
AustralLord10 years ago
Basicly it's impossible, cheaper and better to buy a new one. Caution: don't make one that seems too complicated, the supplies cost and labor is not worth the final product.
Lftndbt10 years ago
Yeah it is possible. Safe well that's another thing. Read some Instructables... Plenty of info to follow..
Monkeyfisher (author)  Lftndbt10 years ago
Ya but how do i do it
1. Connect high pressure vessel to low pressure gun via a combination of, inappropriate none pressure rated fixings. 2. Compress Vessel to random levels, attempting shots to figure out right pressure. 3. Fire many times, excessively and be sure to leave it in the sun (to deteriorate fixings/gun) 4. Repeat 3. until the gun blows up in your face and leaves tiny tiny little pieces of it in you.. ( I'm being sarcastic, if that wasn't obvious enough) WARNING-DO NOT TRY THE ABOVE!!! Sorry the truth hurts but it's true.. Airsoft spring guns are designed for SPRINGS not CO2.. Please if your going to use CO2 don't use things that can blow up.... I also realise this is not likely in the short term, but most probably in the long term use of it. Correct my someone please if i'm incorrect.. :)