Airsoft M14 update.

Some of you may already know that ive started to upgrade my airsoft M14. so far, ive bought a scope, a rail, a bipod, a sling, and 2 spare magazines. ive also bought some other airsoft equipment, and i just have a bit more to buy then i can start airsofting. ive spent roughly €500 on all of the equipment and im happy with what ive bought so far. for more pictures go to "My airsoft M14" instructable. im also working on bringing my account back to life, as in posting more things, such as airsoft instructables. tell me what you think!

Picture of Airsoft M14 update.
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didexo5 years ago
Nice whats the fps
~KGB~ (author)  didexo5 years ago
328 =D
Puddock ~KGB~5 years ago
530. Real wooden, full metal, Kar98K. It was only €700 for all of the stuff. ;)
VSR98K 097.jpg
~KGB~ (author)  Puddock5 years ago
lol niceee! where did you get it? also if the police cot u u would be fined because if its over 328fps it classed asa real gun XD
didexo ~KGB~5 years ago
Awesome, I had a AK-74 carbine that shot at 375 but I had to return it because didn't fire most of the time
~KGB~ (author)  didexo5 years ago
lol XD
didexo ~KGB~5 years ago
Yea ahah
~KGB~ (author)  didexo5 years ago
haha XD
great gun im thinking about selling my knex to buy a bunch of airsoft. one question though is it real wood
~KGB~ (author)  superbestknex5 years ago
Nice. no, its ABS plastic but its extremly duarable =D
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