Airsoft speed loader gift to the dunkis!

maybe someone could make it from pictures provided?

Picture of Airsoft speed loader gift to the dunkis!
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combatknex9 years ago
sweet i have like 4 airsoft guns : metal fully/ semi mp5 350fps(OW).....G36C not metal fully /semi auto mage 250 for both mp5 and g36 the extended electric drum mag i have for g36 has 550 and finnally the orginal m4 not m16 m4 with a low round mag of 100 bbs fully only it has red dot reflex scope. and not to forget sidearms uzi 60 round mag wich this loader could be usefull for and my sig sauer 15 round mag and thats about all im hoping for ak47 next
dude i have real guns like a 20 gauge 12 gauge and a 4/10 i alsh have a 22 pistol and rifle and a 308 and a 306 these r all for hunting
DrWeird1179 years ago
Hm, I WANT an Airsoft Pathfinder, and all I have is my AM77, Remmy. 1100 FPS. OW!
yerjoking9 years ago
I finnished mine, but I need bbs to test it, gonna see if I can lend some off a friend to test it works, but you need a large spring =/
TheDunkis9 years ago
Looks pretty good and simple. I'll see if I can make it after school today. I might need at least one more picture of the other side. Hmm unfortunatly i doesn't store too many alhtough it should be enough to load a low cap mag once and then it looks like it could be loaded in 3 seconds so it should still help. It gives me another idea though. By the way you could have just posted the picture in my topic...