Airsoft v.s Paint ball

many paintballers disrespect airsofters and vice versa. which is better??? (i play both and i enjoy both of them)
please post some pros and con for each sport.
A.S=airsoft P.B=paint ball

Pros and cons for 6mm paintballs:

Pros: Can be used in any gun if 6mm, can see if hit. most biodegradable

Cons: Sometimes burst in the gun and mess up you're gun fore ever, don't all ways burst. It is like for every paintball that doesn't burst, 10 6mm paintballs don't burst. 3X more expensive than normal BBs

pros: cheeper ammo & guns. reusable ammo. grater gun design freedom. guns available at walmart and most sports stores, AS guns look like real guns -Co2 cost only about 50 cents you can airsoft anywhere

cons: cheating is easier, more painful, Co2 can only be used once, you can't tell if someone was shot, biodegradable ammo hard to find and only available in .2 & .25 gram bbs (most guns work best with .12g )

pros: more fields then A.S. easy to see when hit, less pain full games end a lot faster allmost all paint balls are biodegradable

cons: ammo not reusable more expensive need large c02 tanks you need a huge open space and no dangers of damagni property and often have to pay to use fields airsoft at parks and large aeras

wana add to this list just comment (please do so nicely this is ment to help people to decide between the 2)

heres a tally of preferences / = 5 tallys |=1tally


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CSFSC1 year ago

do they make pepper balls and rubber rounds for airsoft

jjack082 years ago

I prefer airsoft, for me great entertainment and full of emotion game

why are you fighting it is the same thing it is a military si. STOP FIGTHING

bujo010 years ago
thats an opinion, i love both PB and AS, but when i go PBing, its all tactics and thought out planning, i hate speed ball with a passion, competitive PB(speed ball) isn't much fun, woods ball, with smart players tactics and gear is much funner. like for me, when i go out i use smoke grenades, trip wires with smoke and flash grenades and ambush tactics. when you use that stuff, you need to use it well.

except if you actually owned a flash grenade and wern't law enforcement or military, youd be in prison

not so illegal. A true military grade one is for sure. but ones made from 12 gram co2 canisters amount to little more than a loud pop, not very illegal.

They have those for AS too

Also please ignore PaintballGod, as he is an insult to the entire paintball community, and doesn't deserve the title "God." Do not represent all paintball players through him. He has little to none experience and acts as if he is a pro, None of his information is correct.

Kiteman10 years ago
PB doesn't need CO2 - I went a few weeks ago, and the range had a small compressor running, topping up the tanks with air.
i make shooting things (author)  Kiteman10 years ago
those tanks cost 3x as much as c02 theirs also propane powered guns (tippmann c3) but thats hard to find.
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