How many of you have played around with something dangerous and want to share about it?

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Matt214978 years ago
This 4th of July I had this small sparkler bomb. We lit it and threw it down a tunnel. It went out with about a centimeter of fuse left. we got my small cousin to get it for us and she did and then i lit it and right afterwards i dropped it and it went off before it hit the ground.
Pat Sowers10 years ago
It would take too long to tell all of them but I will name a few. Paintball guns, air soft guns, bb guns, actual guns, potato guns, bows, cross bows, knives, swords, axe, welding, black smiting, gas, propane, lithium, gun powder, bombs, fire works, fire, and so on and so on.
What type of axe both can be dangerous Axe spray can be dangerouse if u shoot it with something strong enought to break it or if u put a flame in front of it
an axe as in the tool you cut wood with
so you mean a hatchet?
bigger then that like full size. somthing you would use to cut down a tree
all right i thought u might have been talking about an axe can converted to a flamethrower
gatorfan94 (author) 10 years ago
Chuck Norris is powerful. Did you know... Chuck Norris counted to infinity, twice. Chuck Norris can slam a revolving door. When Chuck Norris does push ups the world goes down.
He can also divide by zero. he is so fast he can run around the whole world and hit himself in the back of the head. In an alternate dimension where chuck norris vs chuck norris chuck norris would win PERIOD...
tomcat9558 years ago
i got some guh powder lit it it burnt my arm
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