What guns do you guys have?

Picture of Airsofters!
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slimshaddy6 years ago
I have a Walther P99 pistol and ordering a G36K
I have a crossman CO2 pistol and a Spetsnaz ak47(ak74u)
lowe6 years ago
I have some blowback pistols,tsd m14sniper, colt double eagle m805b2 m4 machine gun, a spring pistol, shotgun, 475 fps full metal ak, it can blow ur head off, some nerf guns modded to airsoft gun. Ohh, almost for got my co2 uzi
I also have some 950 fps eletric sniper. And yes it is an airsoft gun. Im not aloud to use it in wars.u have to get it at the scottland war games in brostle and it is 3500 dollars.
a electric g3 that all my friends are scared of, a couple pistols, a rifle(but now broken) and i think i am going to get a sniper
chardlz137 years ago
3-9 X 45 scope
PEQ box on top
Suppresor on the end

G&G GR16 A3 Carbine
1.25-4 X 32 Scope
M203 Madbull Grenade Launcher

6 Shot M203 Launcher
wildar977 years ago
i have an electric dpms m4 panther carbine, spring walther p99, spring crosman p9, electric crosman nightprowler, another cheap spring crosman pistol, spring tsd m14, electric mini uzi, electric mp5,
kaos8637 years ago
Just got a galaxy mp5k,modified to 390 fps, possibly the most underated gun ever.
 M4 custom. best gun after the AK 47
happybirthday (author) 8 years ago
d*** my brother
DrWeird1178 years ago
An M203 under-barrel, I just FOUND it, when I was taking my trash out. In the street. Other than that nothing.
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