Ajleece's first attempt at a ball machine

O.k. guys. I dont have that many peices nor do i have any chain or a knex ball (i have been using ping pong balls) but this is what i have made. all it does is goes to the top using a custom made chain lift and goes round a corner, comes back to the bottom, goes around another corner and starts again. I hope you like

Picture of Ajleece's first attempt at a ball machine
Rubberband Placement 003.jpg
Rubberband Placement 004.jpg
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flea2088 years ago
post ittttttttt plzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ajleece (author)  flea2088 years ago
flea208 ajleece8 years ago
why i like it its hard to do without instructions :(
ajleece (author)  flea2088 years ago
Then do it without instructions.
Vynash8 years ago
This is really awesome! keep up the good work dude!
pls8 years ago
Awesome lift system! Neat little tower aswell :)
ajleece (author)  pls8 years ago