Ak-47 vs M-16.

I just want to know peoples opinion on which is the better assault rifle. personally, i prefere the ak-47 because of its better knock down power, ease of use and reliability. the only thing i can see what the m-16 has to offer over the ak-47 is its improved accuracy. what does everyone think the better assault rifle is?

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TheDunkis4 years ago
Bleh, I dislike comparing old weapons. I'd take a modern weapon over both. The main problem with the AR-15 family of weapons is that they use a direct impingement gas system which is where the unreliability came from. While the AK-47 doesn't have glaring issues, it did use a hefty round that was replaced in the AK-74 and all Russian assault rifles after. Of course in a life or death situation where I had to pick either, I'd have to go with the AK-47 (as much as I'd hate to, being a firearm hipster).
Ummmm the AK-103 and AK-104 use the AK-47 round too. And the AK-12 uses some NATO rounds.
Excuse me, all standard issue. -_- The point is that the official round that Russia uses is the 5.45 while their weapons are also made for modularity and can utilize other rounds.
No the AK-103 and AK-104 use the AK-47 round exclusively.
*sigh* I get it. The point is that Russia's round of choice is the 5.45. The AK-12 can be set up to fire one of many different calibers, but the default is 5.45. The AK-100 series was designed with differences really only in caliber and length, except the 107 and 108 which also had balanced recoil mechanisms. Essentially, all the same weapon as far as I'm concerned, but produced separately.
~KGB~ (author)  TheDunkis4 years ago
I love gun rants lol XD

the fun this is

that the ak-12 uses 5.56 and the ak47 7.62

but anyways theres a crossplatform between these two now

The CMMG MK47 Mutant

TheDunkis ~KGB~4 years ago
I love people who argue the specifics and details for the sake of either showing off their knowledge or just winning an argument for once instead of grasping the overall point of a post. -_-
~KGB~ (author)  TheDunkis4 years ago
I know lol XD a gun is a gun, some are better than others, no big deal, we get the point lol (not directed at you) XD you going on MWR later?
TheDunkis ~KGB~4 years ago
Probably not. I'm finally getting pissed that almost every match turns into a noobtube fest and most of the time I gotta use a juggy M60 class to teach them a lesson, which just gets boring. And now my parents don't like me playing that game for the reason they think that it and it specifically gets me to direct my anger at them despite them not having the common sense to understand that when I want any space in general, I'm gonna bark and bite when you poke a stick. -_-
~KGB~ (author)  TheDunkis4 years ago
SAME! i just played about 5 games and 90% of my deaths are from martydom and noobtubes lol -_-..... use the m60/RDS, double tap and steady aim, its beast lol.
TheDunkis ~KGB~4 years ago
I want to avoid being a noob if possible. I don't use easy buttons often. Like, ultimately my setups would probably be the Mini Uzi, G3, SAW, either shotgun depending, and the Dragunov once I have everything unlocked. I'm only using the M60 plus juggy to defeat noobtubers until I unlock bandolier and can use something else with juggy and not run out of ammo as easily. I want to learn to play more for fun and less for winning, so I'll probably be challenging myself to snipe or shotgun only at some point if I do continue playing.
Hey, I read your MWR posts. Dunkis, can I add you to my F. list in it? (lvl 50 no prestige)
Go for it. Can't guarantee I'll be on much.
Ok, I'll pm my code. I'm not much on MWR too recently, more black ops and guitar hero...
~KGB~ (author)  TheDunkis4 years ago
Same..... m40a3 ACOG is amazing, best sniper out there..... i wouldnt dare go near a noobtube, like whats the point, it disables your 1st perk?
TheDunkis ~KGB~4 years ago
Again, avoiding easy buttons. It's reckless sniping, in my opinion. I'm still debating whether I'll use the ACOG on sniper rifles or not. I probably will only because it's the same as my ADS settings for other weapons whereas the scope aiming in MWR is less than optimal for me. Also, I think I'll stick with the Dragunov. First off, I'll be going for gold. Second, while it's nice to be able to kill to the stomach and limbs, you're limited to the head and neck when killing juggies.
~KGB~ (author)  TheDunkis4 years ago
The dragunov is great, put stopping power on on you get a few 1 shot kills to the upper chest.
I like the R700 best. But I'm still waiting for red tiger (4 headshots away). I largely dislike the m21 for its spamfriendlieness. (I was walking with my M. uzi, while somebody stood spraying around with it. I hate that :P)
~KGB~ (author)  dr. richtofen4 years ago
r700 is good, m40a3 acog for some reason i like better XD
TheDunkis ~KGB~4 years ago
Because assuming you're using SP, you get a kill from any hit to the body... it's not a mystery, it's the easiest to kill with it.
~KGB~ (author)  TheDunkis4 years ago
I know =D
~KGB~ (author)  TheDunkis4 years ago
lol Ak is gettin the better of the m16 it look like lol XD
TheDunkis4 years ago
So then the next question is, do people prefer modern AR-15 derivatives or modern AK-47 derivatives? Pretty much they tried covering the flaws, the reliability of the AR-15 platform and the ergonomics and accuracy of the AK-47. Modern weapons for both platforms are generally modular so they can fire a multitude of rounds.
~KGB~ (author)  TheDunkis4 years ago
Good call. Ill set another topic up when i get more results on this one
rec0n4 years ago
I'd go with the M16. I own an AR, and from my experience they are extremely reliable and accurate. An AR just needs the BCG wet to run. The AR also has perfect ergonomics IMO. The whole "unreliable" issue in Vietnam was from three things: -tight tolerances -dirtier burning powder that was not supposed to be used in the cartridges for the rifle -cleaning kits were not issued early on, so the rifles were not cleaned. The tight tolerances improves the weapons accuracy. The reason the AKM is so reliable in all conditions is that it's tolerances are so loose that whatever comes in to the weapon falls out. The tolerances are so loose, that the barrel wobbles during firing of the AKM. Anyway, I'll take an M16 over an AKM any day. The only thing close to an AK that I would depend on is a Galil. The 5.56 mm may lack some stopping power, however it can fragment and you could just use hollowpoints instead of FMJ rounds.
~KGB~ (author)  rec0n4 years ago
lucky :( lol... looks like 2 for the m-16 and about 9 for the ak lol XD
tytiger334 years ago
Well in the USA I prefer the M-4A1. Much lighter, easier to handle, shorter barrel, ammo is more common, and it still has full auto. If I was in a non NATO country then give me the AK-47. But the AK-47 is out dated, it's from 1947! Give me an AK-103 or better yet an AK-12 chambered for the 7.62×51mm NATO.
~KGB~ (author)  tytiger334 years ago
I know its out dated buts its a hellish machine...... it kills over 25000 people a year! XD
I prefer the AK. It doesn't need as much maintenance to be reliable, has more kinetic energy in it's bullet = more power.
I don't like the M16 as much, don't know how that comes.
The german version (HK416/17) is better than the M16 IMO, it is more reliable.
In the end, if I had to choose a lifesaving rifle, I'd go for the AK
~KGB~ (author)  dr. richtofen4 years ago
true, theres better versions of the weapon out there such as the masada having ambidextrios controls, 5.56 and 7.62mm options and its more reliable...
Yes, but I also agree with TD. The guns I like the most are the FN FAL, M14, Sturmgewehr 44 and Stery AUG.
~KGB~ (author)  dr. richtofen4 years ago
better guns firing the same round lol
mberg4 years ago
I'd prefer the ak-47 all the way. I was gonna get a JG tactical ak-47 but I didn't. What brand of ak-47 are u getting
~KGB~ (author)  mberg4 years ago
=D lol, im talking about the real life ones XD sounds good =D
~KnexBuild~4 years ago
The AK-47 is better in my opinion. The AK-47 can sit in the mud and it will still fire. The M-16 will just jam up if someone puts it in the mud and then takes it out and tries to fire it. The .223 has high velocity, lower recoil, and better accuracy than the 7.62 by 39 mm bullet, but the 7.62 will have better penetration, because the heavier bullet has more momentum. The M-16 may have better accuracy, but the AK-47 is more rugged and reliable.
No I think the M-16 still penetrates armor alot better than the AK-47. And when it comes to penetration speed is better most of the time. And the unreliability in the M-16 came from the type of powder they used in the cartridges when they mass produced it.
~KGB~ (author)  ~KnexBuild~4 years ago
true that, such a reliable rifle...
didexo4 years ago
The AK-47 is a much better weapon, due to the fact thats its much more rugged plus the stopping power is a plus too. But if only it was more accurate. Also, in many of the military shows I've viewed the AK has been voted the best assault rifle.
~KGB~ (author)  didexo4 years ago
Id say it better because it only really flaws accuracy over the m-16 i think...
ninjusk4 years ago
the m16 in its first form sucked, it wasn't a good weapon but after the m16a3 it became a much better weapon. when you see pictures of the U.S. armed forces you see them carrying m-4(before you go of on me because the m-4 isn't the m-16) it is, the m-4 just has a shorter barrel and fully auto. the m-16 is an accurate and effective weapon. the Ak to start of because of where the rear sight is it has less accuracy. now besides that it is a powerful and decent weapon. now its trying to compare a rpg-7 to a javelin. one is designed to be easy to use the other a highly trained soldier. AK is cheep and simple and M-16 not simple. each has the ups and downs but in the end i would choose the M-16 if i had to trust my life with it. i am sort of bias cause i live in the country the that m-16 comes from and it one of the few things i can kinda take pride in.
~KGB~ (author)  ninjusk4 years ago
The m-16 is a great rifle, id say that myselfe, but for some reason i just love the ak lol XD
didexo ninjusk4 years ago
I'm from the US but I still support Russia's gun