Alert!!! Instructables HQ attacked by Zombies! Mass Casualties Reported!

A horde of zombies just broke into our office and attacked!

Many, if not all, members of Instructables are seriously injured. Bilal and the Robot have been taken captive, and are presumed to be infected with the zombie virus. We are too afraid to attempt a rescue at this time.

We bravely fought them off using marshmallow guns and pirate swords, but the tide only turned in our favor when one of the zombies hooked up some speakers and played "Thriller," at which point the rest of the zombies joined in the dance.

We recognized many of the members of Three Rings and think they may have been experimenting with something more sinister than Puzzling Pirates. Perhaps our recent swashbuckling raid on their fortress led them right back to our HQ?

It appears the zombie apocalypse has started. Prepare as best you can.

Update: Maybe we should have warned the zombies they really didn't want Bilal?

Update 2: We got Bilal back! Unforuntely, he returned in zombie-form, so I had to cut his head off.

Update 3: The zombies sent pictures of the robot in captivity! More pictures of the zombie lair and robot here:

Update 4: Live action video from the event was found and uploaded to youtube... what a horrific day:

Update 5: The zombies have sent their reply video. Dancing, carousels, and brains. This video exposes it all. Here it is: Three Rings Zombie Attack on Instructables

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wizzywoo7 years ago
The Robot ... He's ...He's ... gone ... SOMEBODY DO SOMETHING IM TO LAZY !
Derin9 years ago
THE ROBOT!??? *runs to military airbase,knocks out soldiers,gets in F-16,heads toward zombies*
Derin Derin8 years ago
*fires missiles and guides them with cheap logitech joystick*
*missile lops off tv antenna from ibles hq as it flies down the block*
*missile stops in front of three rings hq and kicks itself*
*robot lands in front of the ibles crew,unharmed*
*flies back to airbase*
*gets shot in where it hurts the most*
RUN RUN RUN!!!!!!!!
Berkin8 years ago
LOL... did they do this without you knowing, or were you a zombie, too?

I do not see you in the pictures...
ewilhelm (author)  Berkin8 years ago
We didn't know they were coming. It was a complete surprise.
Berkin ewilhelm8 years ago
Yeah, I would be surprised too, if twenty-some zombies burst into the room all of the sudden! LOL, nice vid!
Goodhart9 years ago
Hmm, keep them away from the main sense having THAT become a zombie emailer :-)
Derin Goodhart9 years ago
yep...*sets up main pc to be mine thus protecting the system*
goeon9 years ago
=SMART=9 years ago
Has the robot been retrieved yet ???
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