Alice in Wonderland & maths?

In New Scientist No2739/40/41 (Christmas 2009) is an article by Melaine Bayley (DPhil Oxford) in which she explains how Lewis Carroll (Charles Dogson) is taking a stab at the new mathematics of the time in his famous work.
For example, the Mad Hatter's Tea Party is related to Hamilton's maths. Interesing stuff (to me anyway...)

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V-Man7377 years ago
Hah! Amazing!
I only thought of the chess application of Alice's adventures.
In fact, I once worked out an entire chess game backwards just to get it to symbolically play out her story. I wonder if I still have those notes...
I've actually played Checkers backwards.   Believe me,  if you get used to the idea,  most people have trouble getting their head around it and lose   LOL 
lemonie (author)  V-Man7377 years ago
I got into the article, you see something deranged, sense is made of it, then you see how some guy could have been viewing new maths as similarly deranged & non-nonsensical.

Goodhart7 years ago
Anything applied to Through the Looking Glass too? 
lemonie (author)  Goodhart7 years ago
Not mentioned. However, the math's aspect is presented as things that are in it (absent from original drafts) - rather than being fundamental to the story.