Although a rather simplistic tool, has anyone fiddle about with the ALICE graphics creator program?

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cloudyerout7 years ago
Uck! I hated Alice.  I took a class where we went through Alice and other CAD software, and Alice was my least favorite.

All of the manipulations were so finicky.

I have to say though, I Liked the Alice in wonderland Rabbit with the watch, he was cool.

I had a lot more fun with game maker even though it's not a 3D software, and AutoCad's fun... never found out how to animate with it though.
Goodhart (author)  cloudyerout7 years ago
So far, I haven't had much luck with it either, but then, I haven't had much TIME with it, nor the tutorial    :-) 
zascecs7 years ago
Yes, in fact I have! Alice is a great program, perfect for those beginning in computer programming. I actually started programming on this first.

In Alice, you can make little clips (movies, I guess you'd call it) or simple games. It's also easy because you don't have to write in all of those confusing 'languages.' 
Goodhart (author)  zascecs7 years ago
I am more accustomed to "written" programming languages (COBOL, Assembly, RPG, JAVA, BASIC and Visual Basic, etc.).   I have actually hadn't had much time to fiddle with this yet. 
 Yea, it's pretty simple, you pretty much pick different commands from a 'toolbar'(like a list of options). As I said, this is mostly for beginners.
Bobmargie7 years ago
I like this...
Goodhart (author)  Bobmargie7 years ago
I have yet to fiddle around in it to learn much about it. 

I have taken a look or two at Alice. It seemed very cool, and though i've never used it, I think I might try it some time. The only thing I don't get is what it is, exactly. Is it an art program? A programming language? (Or is it like
Logo, kind've a combination of the two?)

Goodhart (author)  dungeon runner8 years ago
I think it is a graphics manipulation program.
At my school there is a class where you can use it. I haven't used it ever though.
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