All UK Instructables Users - READ THIS

Ok, i know i posted a forum topic recently, but this needs to be sorted now, or not at all.

Firstly go HERE and read the info i posted before.

Then, below please comment with a simple yes or no. I would rather all the UK iblers comment saying 'No' than not at all.

Thanks again, Jake

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}{itch8 years ago
Sweet!, i should be going. Could probably bring a couple of projects along. I'm not sure bout a hotel me being a broke scummy student n all I'd probably go for a cheap n cheerful youth hostel.
gmjhowe (author)  }{itch8 years ago
Indeed, its looking like the joint accomadation is not the best idea, but, at least a sizable meetup at the place should be doable, maybe even a small table..
PKM8 years ago
Yeah, I'd love to go if transport can be arranged. If it's just a weekend then I would hopefully not need any time off work. I would totally contribute to an Instructables table what I can, although it isn't much (maybe build another Minty Strobe?) I have no idea about overnight arrangements, depends how things pan out but I'm not averse to the idea of a group booking etc. as long as it's not in some rat-infested hovel :)
Joe Martin8 years ago
Sadly I think I am going to have to say no. :( Have good fun though, Hopefully next year eh!
DJ Radio8 years ago
*reads topic even tho I am american* :-P
Kiteman8 years ago
Probable yes to attending, probable no to sharing a hotel (since the whole Kitetribe will probably be with me, although Kitewife will probably be going shopping with her mother).

Do I need to bring anything in particular?

Stupid question, but what is the actual physical location of the show, apart from "Newcastle"? I emailed Graham asking for details some time ago, but never got a reply, and all the Make blog says is "Newcastle". The ScienceFest site isn't working yet, but the BA site just points you at the ScienceFest site.

How much else of the Fest will we be able to see or visit if we are there for the Faire?

How much will it cost to get in? What if I'm helping on the stall / table?

There is mention of a specially-brewed beer, though :-)

gmjhowe (author)  Kiteman8 years ago
Many questions, and i intend to ask them all, but i needed to see the response from here. I believe its on some science campus i think.. Part of the reason i wanted a suitable amount of people, if so that we can break off to look around also. Depending on the attendance i was thinking of bringing as many projects to show off as possible. And obviosuly sorting out some publicity, handout leaflets etc.
whatsisface8 years ago
I doubt I'll be able to.
gmjhowe (author)  whatsisface8 years ago
Ok, thanks for the response though!
I've been offline for a week, yeah whole life changes topic has some null points, just got moved house, painfully... No curtains, no heating and no internet...
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