Alternative to a strimmer (weedw[h]acker)?

When my electric lawnmower eventually, irreparably died, I replaced it with a manual cylinder mower.

My strimmer is now due to be retired.

Is there a manual version of a strimmer, apart from a pair of shears?

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caitlinsdad7 years ago
No. 2 son.
No. 1 son to supervise.
1+1= +2
RadBear7 years ago
A goat.
Kiteman give this a thought and I'm sure you could work something out.

"I have it in my head that there should be a manual strimmer that works like a child's push-and-go toy - long handle, wheels turn a gear which spins a thing with a thing ... "

Instead put a foot pedal on the gearing and "push" it then pull a trigger to release the gears to spin the spinning string. You could also think along the lines of a air pump into a small tank and use the air pressure to spin it. I think you got a really good thought started, I eagerly await what you come up with!
Kiteman (author)  RedneckEngineer7 years ago
There are toy cars and aeroplanes that run on air-pressure engines, as well as full-size cars.

I wonder if there are any engines in between?
Pneumatic motors come in many sizes.
.  If you can pack enough power in an air tank on your back, that sounds like a great idea. Especially if you have a treadmill/stationary bike/&c that you use - charge your tank(s) while getting your exercise.
galadriel7 years ago
Scythe. Sickle.
Jayefuu7 years ago
You could do what Liz and Steve did and get a Jayefuu
Kiteman (author)  Jayefuu7 years ago
Haha - we don't have space for a kennel that size.
PKM Kiteman7 years ago
Well in that case:

- fit 12V generator to static/exercise bike
- connect generator to inverter
- plug strimmer into inverter
- attach #1 to bike generator and strimmer to #2
- insert self into hammock and beer into self
- every so often swap #1 and #2's positions to most effectively harvest the son's energy :)
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