War Forum, Settle Disputes.

I think we should have a Forum topic dedicated to settling disputes, to prevent them from spilling over into neutral topics. If a squabble breaks out, it can be moved here (in the created topic) so that it does not disrupt other territories.

Interventions or reparations could be made in the topic.

What do you think, any ideas?

I don't really want to be the creator of this topic, but I will if I have too.

EDIT: The War Zone has been terminated.

This is what The War Zone looked like:

Welcome to the Hidden War Zone. Here you can settle disputes with other members privately, without disrupting the rest of the community. This Idea was thought up in the wake of the Skate/ Coolz War.

Every once and a while, two or more members feud with each other. As this site retains a friendly image, other members detest the violence that ensues. Eventually these feuds move from each other's orangeboards into the public forums, dragging other members into the conflict. In order to avoid this, I have created a war zone that is sheltered from the public eye. Think of it as fighting in a barren field as opposed to a populated city. If you're going to fight, at least try to limit the number of civilian casualties.

When the dust settles, truces, reparations, and atonements can take place. When you are done, please visit the Peace Forum.

You must war either two ways:

  • Chaotically battle in the comments.


  • Keep differing disputes separated by steps. (ie. Step one: Goodhart vs. Kiteman. Step two, Adrian Monk vs KK, Skate. et al.)

If you do add a step, please hit "save and finish later" or "finish later". This will keep the War Zone hidden.

If you must fight, do it here.

I truly hope this will never be used, but I've made it as a precaution.

Send me a PM if you wish to be a collaborator.

Shall we play a game? Goodhart, nachomama, or kiteman should get this.

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KentsOkay9 years ago


Punches RS, he dies...
*drops down to floor* Killer J Turns away to celebrate at his favorite pub, RS2015 reveals he was playing possum, and follows KillerJ into the pub. *bar fight* *spectacular bar fight* *pub waitress kisses RS2015* *RS2015 beats up everyone, ties up KJ and hangs him on the wall* *RS2015 dusts off hat, and heads to inn with girl* *KJ is hopelessly bound and gagged*
*Kj allows Rs to leave, unties himself*
*drops by to linux's house and bust up the fence*
*on his way towards RS's he leaves a chunk of roses bush in sunny's porch after snacking on it*
*Finds RS, punches him through his wall and up the street, ending in the bar*
*orders a pint*
*downs it*
*batters RS and says 'no thats a bad scientist'*
*Rs wets himself*
*KJ turns away in disgust*
*RS is pleased, his diversion device worked, removes bottle from his plants and jumps KJ* *RS pins KJ, all of KJ's ex's come up and b!t
*So RS thought anyway*
*KJ bust in the door after laughing at his friend frankie*
*Explains to RS that frankies GF does in fact has Crabs...*
*KJ watches his Ex's beat Rs for getting them all infested*
*RS's GF comes in and goes wow you're that hot guy with the jug!*
*RS is saddened to come in to the library the next day to hear screams of delight*
On a serious not frankie did once get slapped by an ex that hadn't seen me in some time...
... *yells to Kj's exe's "I dont have crabs! I shave!"* *sneaks up on KJ, drops a chunk of C4 down his throat, triggered to blow up if he passes it or regurgitates*
KJ shakes himself about a bit, C4 detonates.. gurgling sound can be heard then burps... *Rs realises he can't win, not to mention the fact that he broadcasted the condition of his pubic hygiene on the internet,* *KJ and RS start drinking and since all the girls are there and not too worried about anything other than the trail of fires across the country they party like it's the end of the world..*
*thinks that's a grand idea and patch it up over a pint... or two... or 10...*
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