Aluminum Cans

What can I do with 55 aluminum cans? I was thinking of makings something with then that my mom wouldn't throw out. Any ideas? Maybe a wallet? lol

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DrWeird1179 years ago
Melt them.
Kiteman10 years ago
If you still have the cans, string them together into a vaguely humanoid shape and then work them like a puppet from an upstairs window when you get trick or treaters coming round next week.
u could invite some one over to spend the night and while there sleeping put them all around him perfectly to his siloete and then wait for him to move. its funny to see how scared they get
TheCheese992110 years ago
Build a Beeramid!!! LOL (this is not my pic)
On one occasion we Selloptaped just over 200 beer cans to the ceiling. They were dropping off in the night like slow radioactive decay keeping my friend awake. The cleaners refused to do the place in the morning and reported us... L
Mepain (author)  TheCheese992110 years ago
Cool, but I'm sure it would get thrown out.
glue the cans together and make it bigger than the door frame! lol
Mepain (author)  TheCheese992110 years ago
Ha, yeah! I'll add metal supprots too =P
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