Am I the only one who think K'nex have gone downhill?!?!?!

Hi all,

For the past 5 years, yes K'nex has been terrible with all the micro bricks and stuff and it being compatible with LEGOs.

And you think that they wouldn't do anymore damage by promoting these sets, would you? I mean the amount of bad feedback they get is off the scale.

AND NOW, they are releasing TitanFall Sets and more Mario sets and Plants vs Zombies  <----- Bound to fail. Do K'nex even take into account the feedback from their models and how overpriced they are?

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For those who don't know, TitanFall is a Xbox One game to be released out in March/April. The Beta is currently out.

What are your thoughts and opinions?

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www1392 years ago


www139 www1392 years ago

and that's coming from someone who had a first set micro, bricks, and a little classic!

shelby513 years ago


Yeah, I don't like the little flimsy Micro K'nex. They fall apart easily and are way too hard to put together.

hunter999 (author)  nerfrocketeer3 years ago

Haha, yep! I haven't even opened the pack of micro k'nex from the competition back in summer - thats how much I hate them!

Hey, there is some use for micro knex! At least open you pack from the summer because there is some classic knex in there, but after that start thinking about what you can use micro knex for.

I don't visibly use any micro knex on projects on this site, but I have for some other projects. Like making a propeller driven vehicle and for my pop vending machine. The vehicle needed light pieces to maximize distance and speed and my vending machine need something that could push a quarter through a slot that a classic knex piece couldn't fit through.

So in conclusion of this really long comment, I deffinitly agree micro knex aren't really good at supportive structures, but there are some applications for them that we still haven't really figured out yet. So keep them around and maybe sometime you'll see a small area you can apply them.

hunter999 (author)  JonnyBGood3 years ago

Yeah, I know that there are some uses, but I haven't really needed them. I don't think many K'nexers on here actually have micro K'nex and so I am not too keen on posting something that most likely no people will build. Again, I agree with what you are saying and all with it being used for small, light weight vechiles.

The only actul use for micro K'nex currently, I think is roller coasters but if I am being honest, I hate the track style micro coasters. I prefer the orginal Screming Serpant style :-)

Heck yea! There's uses for everything. We'll figure it out.

Really? Jeez... :P

hunter999 (author)  nerfrocketeer3 years ago

After you wrote that comment, I opened them. :D But, as I expected, they are terrible IMO and I agree that they are flimsy.

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