Amateur Chemistry is Dead. :-(

You're now restricted to one pound of fertilizer (or other chemicals that might be used
to make illegal fireworks) per year.

Judge's Final Opinion


Background info for Firefox vs CPSC

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builderkidj6 years ago
dang i was gonna make a rocket to the moon.
josh13246 years ago
*goes to store buying Kno3 and sugar*
"Oh, I just need to remove a stump, then, er, bake some cookies. Yeah, I'm doing that."
Kiteman10 years ago
Now, there's wierd - it's "more legal" to make / own / use explosives & propellants in the USA, but easier to buy the raw materials over here (a local garden centre sells gunpowder by the kilo, it happens to be in three separate bags on three different shelves...).
hintss Kiteman6 years ago
lol at the seperated ingredients part.
Late much?
I don't really browse by newest, so yes. also, I usually go to sleep pretty late, so I get up too late and get to school too late.
Late like Jun 20, 2007 to Dec 20, 2010.
< / captain_obvious_mode >
Meh, who looks at the dates (oh yeah, I forgot :-)
am I too late too?
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