Amateur electronic question

Can someone pls help me with these pins? I cant find any information regarding this one online.
Would really appreciate any help.

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Amputata (author) 6 years ago
Thx alot for the help. I got it now. FG = Floating Ground. I just hooked up the ground to FG and the AC wires to both AC inputs. Its an inverter or an transformer.
I had to open it to find a wire that i could put on 110v or 220v.

I feel stupid for asking about it, but i didnt want to fry the thing. I'm going to use this for a door locking system with some kind of dead bolt and other home safety features. Maybe a 2"x4" wooden beam straight across the door...

My new apartment is going to be like Fort Knox.

Thx all
Kiteman6 years ago
The symbol next to the FG looks a bit like the "Earth" ("ground") circuit symbol.

gmoon Kiteman6 years ago

"FG" is mostly likely "frame ground", the same as an earth ground...

AC 1 and AC 2 are the 220V input. AC has no polarity, so it doesn't matter which is which.

Be sure it's set for 220V input. "Switchable" isn't the same as a "switching" power supply, many of which have a wide input voltage.
. Frame Ground sounds as likely as Functional Ground to me. I'm pretty sure that it's not Floating (floating grounds are usually a bad thing).
I'm with you--whatever the F in FG is, it isn't likely to be Floating...
Ian01 Kiteman6 years ago
It's probably Floating Ground because it looks like the connected wire (the upside-down T) is floating above the actual ground.
NachoMahma6 years ago
. Connect the 220VAC incoming power to terminals AC1 and AC2. It doesn't matter which wire goes to which terminal, it's AC. The mains ground goes to FG.
PPS: FWIW, it seems that the F in FG stands for Functional.
PS: And make sure the 110/220 switch is in the 220 position.
crapflinger6 years ago
might help if we knew what the thing is that you've posted a picture of
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