Amazing 3-axis LED orb

What's better than LEDs? Spinning LEDs! Laserpointer forums member FireMyLaser has decided that spinning LEDs is so much fun that he built a contraption that spins on 3 axes and creates some pretty insane effects. He also posted lots of build photos, but for now he's exceeded his photobucket bandwidth. Hopefully they'll be up again soon.

NOTE: this is a forum post. Forums are where users can post links to other cool things happening in the DIY space and as such instructions aren't always available. Thanks!

LED Orb 2.0 via MAKE

Picture of Amazing 3-axis LED orb
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ularkusut10 months ago

this is the link of the video

ularkusut10 months ago

i think this is good for my next party idea

sean.finch.9210 months ago

hi mate, I am in the middle of making led orb

It is a nice project to work on.

armor-guy5 years ago
please! please!! pleeeeease!!make an instructable for this thing
quellek27 years ago
 When this baby reaches 88 mph, you're going to see some serious sh*t
how much does it cost to make?
kelseymh7 years ago
Follow the link and learn something.
This is absolutely gorgeous... It's so rare that you find something you can really call beautiful.
50ul84n37 years ago
this system would be awesome if used to create holograms. the capabilities of this would look way better than any hologram used in sci-fi apart from the star trek ones
XOIIO7 years ago
Holy Crap! I WANT ONE!
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