Amazing Battery

This looks relatively easy to make;
A stream of water is split into two streams and falls through two bottomless cans into two buckets. The falling water creates opposite electrical charges in the buckets, and high voltage arcs jump between them periodically.

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sam10 years ago
Awesome. I wonder if this would be adaptable as a hydro-electric power source. (instead of turbines)
LasVegas sam10 years ago
Not any more than a Van de Graaff generator could replace an electric generator. While the process is cool, it's static electricity being generated.
sam LasVegas10 years ago
I thought as much.. none the less, it could be an interesting twist on Chinese water torture.. drip, drip, drip, ZAP!
BoomGuy LasVegas10 years ago
What do you think lightning is?
Sporadic, chaotic, very low average power and not repeatable by man on the same magnitude :P
LasVegas BoomGuy10 years ago
It's also useless for powering your home.
photozz LasVegas10 years ago
Speak for yourself. Everything I do is powered by lightning. Booya.
LasVegas photozz10 years ago
So... What exactly do you do? Executioner? Dr. Frankenstein?
westfw10 years ago
I tried to make one of those "Kelvin Generators" a couple of times in my youth, but I never got them to work... Here is a two hour presentation by the same professor on The Wonders of Electricity and Magnetism, which includes his hints on the secret of making one work (perhaps I need to try again!)

So did you MIT crowd have this guy as a prof?
westfw westfw10 years ago
Oops. Try This link instead.
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